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upcoming projects

starting september 2016 research project - 12 Fantasies by G.F. Telemann for recorder and dance by Tomma Wessel and Shila Anaraki

16./17.10.2016 'Den Zaff an'd Zauberflutt' at Grevenmacher (Luxemburg) with Traffik Theater (Daniel Tanson, Tomma Wessel, Ines Rasbach)

03.12.2016, 11.00 Marktmusik at St.Marien in Winsen/Luhe (D), 12 Fantasies by G.F. Telemann, played by Tomma Wessel

'Double Takes' - a new composition by Frank Nuyts, for two soprano's, recorder, cello, marimba and piano

16.03.2017 Apsara performing three new compositions at the 'Voorwaarts maart / En avant mars' festival at Bijloke Gent with recorder players Tomma Wessel, Nathalie Houtman, Ines Rasbach and composers Frank Agsteribbe, Aart Strootman and Noah Thys.

recent concerts

July 2016 St.Marien Winsen/Luhe, 12 Fantasies by G.F. Telemann, Tomma Wessel, recorders

10.01.2016 Letter Piece Workshop Matrix in Muziekacademie Brasschaat with Tomma Wessel and Shila Anaraki

08.05.2015, 14.00 and 15.00 'Den Zaff an'd Zauberflutt' at 'Kléngkonschtfestival' Garnich (Luxemburg) with Traffik Theater (Daniel Tanson, Ines Rasbach, Tomma Wessel)

recording June 2014, De Bijloke Ghent

Tomma Wessel, tenor recorder (von Huene)
Ines Rasbach, artistic supervision
Michael Penson, recording
with the support of Research Foundation University of New York

video CultuurTV - concert at St.-Laurentiuskerk, Oudenaarde-Ename, 29.09.2012

Performers are Ines Rasbach, Tomma Wessel (recorders), Guy Penson (harpsichord) and Bernard Woltèche (cello)

video mondstuk for three tenor recorder mouthpieces (2005) by Paul Craenen, fragment

Tomma Wessel is playing all three parts, recording by Paul Craenen 2011

cd release "Integrating the Recorder"
music for Champ d'Action and Tomma Wessel
by Finnissy, Nichols, Nunezanez, Prins, Shlomowitz
Champ d'Action Archive Series number 06


video Rational Rec - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club (London)

Video from a performance of three Letter Pieces by Matthew Shlomowitz on Tuesday 4 March, 2008 at Rational Rec - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club (London). See the archive for more video

video Apsara, Eavesdropper on electronics and Visual Kitchen on video at Concertgebouw Brugge, 17.09.2005

Kunst Kunst ist schön,
macht aber viel Arbeit
Karl Valentin